My New Website!

Welcome to my website and to my blog.

Now I've wanted to create a website for myself for a long time. It merges both my passions, Performing and IT. As well as all my performing I also build & manage websites, film & edit videos and also dabble in graphic design & Photoshop. So building this website was a really exciting project for me. I've built this for two purposes, one to sell myself as a performer and have this as a place to view my work and what I do, I guess like an interactive CV. But I've also built this for myself and for my friends and family. It will be a place that I keep up to date with what I'm up to, a place to store and save photos and videos and a place to blog my travels, like a diary. I have a big trip to China coming up with Paw Patrol LIVE and I really wanted to get this up and running before then, so I can blog about my tour.

Prior to publishing my website I wrote two blog posts about my two most recent jobs. Robin Hood at Loughborough Town Hall and Paw Patrol LIVE in Abu Dhabi. Check them out!

As well as my website I am hoping to start a youtube channel. I'm not quite sure what my channel will become but I have a few projects I'm working on that I'm excited to upload. I guess it'll be a place a bit like this, a bit of everything, lots of weird and wonderful things that I get up to. My first video will be a spoken word poem that I wrote. Together with my good friend Rob Metson, we filmed and recorded it up a beautiful hill in south east London. I will release a blog post along side it, so keep a look out.

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