Since graduating from The London School of Musical Theatre in 2014, I have performed in a range of productions across the UK and internationally.


From touring Shakespeare to an immersive production of Goosebumps, from musicals to an actor-muso version of Pride & Prejudice where I played 8 different characters... including Kitty (That number only just beats Robin Hood, where I played all the merry men)


As well as multi-rolling, I'm also quite accustomed to being cast as a religious figure. Over the past few years, I have been 2 Chaplains, a Friar, a Reverend and a Clergyman. 


For my full CV visit my spotlight page here:



As mentioned above, I graduated from LSMT, where I trained in acting, singing and dance. Since then I have sung in a handful of musicals, concert and cabarets.


You can see a selection of photos from those productions here.

I have a rich baritone voice and I'm normally found singing musical theatre or jazz (although recently I have been cast in two productions that required me to rap. So I rap too... )

I've also been in a few actor-muso shows where I've played the ukulele, banjolele, guitar and piano.

For clips of me in action check out my Videos Page.



I'm a huge fan of puppetry and I have been for a very long time. I began making puppets in 2013 and got my first puppetry job in 2014 in A Christmas Carol Musical.

I've worked with a variety of wonderful puppets in some fantastic shows, you can see photos of a few of them here.

Also in the photo album are some of my own creations. Mao is a Bunraku style puppet, made out of recycled materials. Arnie is a hand carved Bunraku puppet, made from basswood. Bairn is a Hand and Rod puppet made from foam.