#NOFILTER Spoken Word Poem

So, here I go. My first Youtube upload.

I've wanted to start a Youtube Channel for a while, I make a lot of films for other people and now I want to start making some for myself. I'm not sure what will appear on my channel, mainly because my first two projects are very different but I am keen to keep creating.

Let me talk more about this project. Okay, so you know they say you get your best thoughts in the shower, I think it also applies to driving. You get your best thoughts in the shower because cleaning yourself is so routine that your mind is free, and with no phone or TV to occupy your mind with, you think deep. I was driving home to Gloucester just over a year ago and the radio was boring me, I had sung my entire musical theatre playlist - from Alfie to Barrowman and I started talking to myself. Now when I say "talking to myself" I'm not chatting to an evil voice in my head plotting the murder of Donald Trump, I'm just chatting shit, as Ed Sheeran would say "I'm thinking out loud"... I guess I just find myself really entertaining. ANYWAY, I had wanted to write some poetry for while, I had toyed with the idea but never really sat down and put pen to paper. I found it difficult to find a topic I was passionate about. So in the car I put on my best snapback, got Siri to drop a beat and I just started free-styling and created my first few lines of the poem. Over the next few weeks I wrote the rest of the poem, It was quite strange how quickly the rest of it formed. Once I had that starting point, I was off. After showing it to some friends, I decided I wanted to film it. It took a long time for me to finally get off my arse and plan a shoot, I was scared, I didn't really know what would happen, whether it would be any good. But after helping Rob film some shorts, I asked whether he'd help me film and being the legend he is, he agreed. We walked up the hill and a few hours later we had some footage, I edited it all together and well, here it is!

I am a procrastinator. If I could make money from it, I'd have a pent house suite in Soho. I have so many ideas but I just do nothing about them. I notice this in other people too. We all have ideas about things we could do or things we could change, but we do nothing about them. We're worried that it won't turn out as well as we picture it in our heads and we worry about what people will think of it. But man, if we let that hold us back, nothing will ever change.


#video #poet #poetry #poem #spokenword #writer #film #filmmaking

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